I love speaking with people of all ages about art, books, storytelling, and identity. Just like my illustrations– my talks and workshops are high energy, full of laughter, and don’t shy away from serious discussions.

I am an author, artist, start up founder, and creative director. Whether I am huddled in a reading room of a public library, or speaking to a comic con panel room with hundreds of attendees, I curate a learning experience that will encourage audiences to walk away confident to tell stories themselves.

I have offered a wide range of programming to classrooms, museums, universities, and conventions.

Previous events and topics have included:

Author visit and Character Design Workshop with BreakFree Education

Audience: Middle School Incarcerated Students – Students read SQUIRE for their book club with teachers. Via zoom, they joined my co-author and I to discuss the making of the graphic novel, and to answer any questions about the book. Students are then guided in creating their own characters in a workshop.

Teen Tour and Workshop with Morgan Library and Museum

Audience: Teens, All Ages – Teens came on a guided tour of Mesopotamia exhibit focused on women warriors and literacy. Attendees then joined a workshop on creating heroes for their stories, with the graphic novel SQUIRE as an example, drawing and presenting their finished artwork. History, technical drawing skills, and conceptual skills are taught.

Building a Fantasy World – Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo

Audience: All ages – Attendees tuned in for a detailed discussion and presentation on how graphic novelists and cartoonists develop the worlds their stories are set in, and then joined in robust Q&A.

Art to Artist – Dual Wield Studios

Audience: Creative Industry Professionals – An intimate presentation of what it’s like to do a very wide variety of creator-owned work as an artist: from publishing, to video game start ups, to film making, and illustration freelance. A no-nonsense but aggressively optimistic approach to understanding the opportunities out there for creative professionals.

BAD ARTIST GOOD HUMAN – Hilliard City Schools

Audience: Middle School – Students joined for a vibrant presentation about my journey as an artist, from my own school days until now: drawing superheroes for Marvel, my own books, and running a video game company, among many other exciting opportunities. A strong emphasis is made to never fear being bad at a new skill, and to work to make 1 million mistakes joyously.

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