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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use to draw?

I am a digital artist: so I use my computer, a tablet, and drawing programs.
Computer: Macbook Pro / Tablet: Cintiq 22HD or my IPad Pro / Programs: Photoshop CC

Please note, this is an expensive set up for professional artists with many years of experience! When I first started out and for many of my college years I had an Intuos4 tablet I got used and learned much of my skills with the PaintTool SAI drawing program.

My kid loves drawing: do you have advice for them?

That’s great! Best thing to do is keep it up, and be in environments to learn more about art! Check out art festivals, comic cons, museums, or other art related events in your area to see all the different ways to meet other artists and learn from them!

Libraries and museums often have free or cheap workshops and artist visits. Many universities will have art summer programs for high schoolers, with variety of financial aid.

There are also incredible youtube channels online to help teach all kinds of art! You can learn how to draw digitally or traditionally, learn how to paint like the masters, or draw like your favorite cartoons and anime. 

If you already own an IPad, consider investing in an apple pencil and cheap apps like Procreate to learn digital art. 

How do I get into publishing too? Can you look at my project?

If you have a specific project you’re already working on, I’m happy to chat! I may not always reply to emails right away, but always happy to share tips for finding an agent, shopping around your first book to publishers, and help with basics to pitching, etc  The more specific the project and goals, the better. 

Can you give my book a blurb?

Sure! Send it my way, and I’ll let you know if I have availability. Only accepting graphic novels, YA, and Middle Grade books at this time. 

Can you draw for my indie comic/kids book?

I am not available for independently published projects, sorry! 

Do you do personal commissions?

Sorry, I don’t have the schedule for non-client work at this time! I very rarely open up commission slots for charity purposes and will post about them on my socials.

Does drawing ever get easier?

No. If it ever does, I’ll report back.