Creative Director and team lead for the creative collective MIPSTERZ. Focuses on curating, enabling, and amplifying marginalized creators through music, illustration, and film.


Selected by over 10 international film festivals, and now a touring exhibit. Muslim futurism through an immersive art exhibition, public programming, and academic inquiry. “ALHAMDU” visually and interactively answers the following questions: What does an American Muslim future look like? Who gets to decide? Who gets included?

Good Fun Muslim
Friends Club

An immersive art exhibition and variety show. Equal parts earnest and sarcastic. Audience participation mandatory, discomfort encouraged, FBI watch list guaranteed.

Colonized Dreams

A multidisciplinary showcase celebrating Muslim creatives Knockdown Center in Queens, NY. Featuring performances from Zika Masmoudi, Fajjr + Ali, Zainab Mabizari, Afaq, MIRUD, Chic Nunar, Fatima Farheen Mirza, Adam Maalouf, Humeysha, DJ AyesCold and visuals by Tingerine.

Spotlight Series

TED Talk meets house party. Over 60 events across the US, MIPSTERZ has been a home to authentic voices and creativity for the past decade. Spotlighting local talent, artists, academics, singers, activists, and folks who fit many of those labels at once, these MIPSTERZ shows pack the house every time.